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Benny Benford Headshot

Benny Benford

Founder, Datent
Benny is an award winner data leader, writer and founder of Datent - a startup dedicated to supporting data transformations. He believes data is about people and is passionate about the ability of data to create positive impact.


A note from the Author

I recently became a father and that's led me to think more about where the changes in data and technology are taking us as a society. We're at a tipping point in human history where people will increasingly work with and not on machines. The language of this new era is data. However, whilst technology is rapidly becoming ready for this new era most people are not. 

The data topics I am most interested in are how we build the skills, communities and principles to make sure that these tech breakthroughs empower, support and enable people.  Feel free to reach out if these topics interest you.