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Bridget Cogley

Bridget Cogley

Co-Founder & CVO, Versalytix
Interpreter turned analyst, Bridget Cogley brings an interdisciplinary approach to data analytics.

A note from the Author

As Co-Founder & CVO, Versalytix, Bridget's role uplifts data visualization within the org and helps shape the vision. Her dynamic, engaging presentation style is paired with thought-provoking content, including ethics and data visualization linguistics. She has a deep interest in the nuances of communication, having been an American Sign Language Interpreter for nine years. She is currently a five-time Tableau Visionary. Her work incorporates human-centric dashboard design, an anthropological take on design, ethics, and language. She extensively covers speech analytics and open text. Prior to consulting, Bridget managed an analytics department, which included vetting and selecting Tableau, creating views in the database, and building comprehensive reporting. She also has experience in training, HR, managing, and sales support.