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Andrew Beers

Andrew Beers

Chief Technology Officer, Tableau Software
Andrew Beers is Chief Technology Officer at Tableau, and is responsible for its long-term technology roadmap and emerging technologies.

About the Author

Andrew Beers is Tableau's Chief Technology Officer, and is responsible for Tableau's long term technology roadmap and emerging technologies. During his tenure at Tableau, he has led many of the engineering teams, created new products for the company, and personally written pieces of the product
code. Andrew has been at the very heart of Tableau's engineering for most of the company's existence.

Prior to joining Tableau in 2004, Andrew ran the engineering group at Align Technology, makers of the Invisalign system, building software to support large-scale customized manufacturing. He holds a master's degree in computer science from Stanford University, where he worked in Pat Hanrahan's computer graphics research group.

When Andrew was first introduced to a very early version of Tableau Desktop, he knew he had seen the future. "My previous company and I personally were doing data analysis using old, traditional systems that I knew Tableau would replace. But it wasn't until I got to see under the hood that I realized how incredible Tableau really was. VizQL was a technology that I had to get my hands on."

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