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Data Practice
The Ethics of Data Collection and Data Mining
Krystal Tsosie
Ethics and Policy Director, Native BioData Consortium | PhD Candidate, Vanderbilt University | ASU School of Life Sciences
Krystal Tsosie, Ethics and Policy Director at the Native BioData Consortium and incoming faculty at Arizona State University School of Life Sciences, discusses how data collection and mining can become more ethical and how data leaders should approach creating and maintaining ethical standards for compiling and sharing data.
Data Impact
Five Ways to Create Impact from Workforce Data Training
Merav Yuravlivker
CEO and Co-Founder, Data Society
Merav Yuravlivker, Data Society CEO and Co-Founder discusses five ways that data leaders can create lasting impact from data training courses.
Data Leadership
Data Leadership Defined in Three Principles
Sukhmeet Panesar
Chief Health Officer at Monstarlab & Senior Adviser to Chief Data and Analytics Officer, NHS England
It stands to reason that being a data leader in healthcare means you shouldn't make any decision unless you have the data, the analysis and insights to support it.
Data Culture
Building Universal Data Empathy
Jane Crofts
Founder, Data To The People
Jane Crofts, Founder of Data To the People and creator of the Databilities® data literacy framework, argues that for people from all backgrounds to participate in the new economy, we must build what she calls data empathy.
Data Practice
Why Data Management Must Be Driven by Automation
Wendy Turner-Williams
Chief Data Officer, Tableau
Tableau CDO Wendy Turner-Williams discusses how the sheer volume of data today demands data management automation in order to perform at scale, and describes how she has helped companies to automate data governance in real time.
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Data Ethics Roundtable
DLC eBook

Making Data Ethics a Leadership Priority

In this discussion, five data leaders share their experiences with data ethics. All organizations should be operating in a way that honors the proper and ethical use of data. This sounds like a straightforward initiative, but most organizations still struggle to understand how the use of data can invite unintended consequences.