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Data Impact
How Data Literacy Education Reduces Poverty
Sarah Nell-Rodriguez
Co-Founder, BeDataLit
Sarah Nell-Rodriquez, discusses the role data literacy played in changing the direction of her life, from cashier to cash manager to collections to corporate data analyst.
Data Leadership
What is a Data Evangelist?
Andy Cotgreave
Lead Evangelist, Tableau
Tableau’s Senior Data Evangelist Andy Cotgreave shares his definition of data evangelist as well as six qualifications required to succeed in the role.
Data Impact
Visualizing for the Greater Good
David Pires
Director, Analytics Products & Visualization Engineering, Expedia Group
“Most charities, and particularly the non-global ones, just don’t have the resources, both monetary and physical, to use their data in ways that may potentially earn them further donations or help to identify the impact their activities have in the communities where they are present.”
Data Practice
Decentralized Data Governance as a Center of Excellence
Mark Palmer
Board Advisor, Correlation One, Data Visualization Society, Talkmap
Mark Palmer, Board Advisor at Correlation One, Data Visualization Society, and Talkmap, discusses whether data governance has become too charged a term, and highlights the benefits of decentralized data governance.
Data Culture
The Three Key Data Literacy Personas
Valerie Logan
CEO and Founder, The Data Lodge
In the second entry of this three-part series, Valerie Logan (CEO and Founder of The Data Lodge) reflects on the three personas data leaders must keep in mind when developing data literacy programs, and dispels six common myths about them.
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Data Ethics Roundtable
DLC eBook

Making Data Ethics a Leadership Priority

In this discussion, five data leaders share their experiences with data ethics. All organizations should be operating in a way that honors the proper and ethical use of data. This sounds like a straightforward initiative, but most organizations still struggle to understand how the use of data can invite unintended consequences.